GMS 2 How to load external files/sounds during gameplay

The thread title is pretty self-explanatory.

I KNOW there are threads and topics covering this very question. I've seen them in the past for GMS1.4, but I must be looking for them wrong because I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for now.

I know that GMS is sandboxed, but being able to load files/sounds after the game has been compiled is essential to my project.

Basically, Is there any way to get around the sandbox limitations for the file system (if for nothing else than to load external files/sounds into the game post-compile)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: I fully expect to be required to buy and/or download an extension (or the like) from the marketplace (e.g. getting a "fix" for my problem by downloading file(s) from a 3rd party)


You can load files that are part of the "included files" at any time during the program execution without having to worry about the sandbox limitations. If for some reason you can't use included files (because it's user generated content for example) you can in the latest versions of GMS2 disable the sandbox in the game settings (only on desktop platforms though)