Windows how to handle database in an mmo



not sure where this goes so here we are.

I'm working on an online game that's using a python server to sync player locations.
now I want to add an online database to hold player data like what they look like.
my concern is how to handle it.

when the client detects a new player, they check the database to figure out what sprite to draw for them, and this sounds fine in theory.
but my problem is how to handle when the player first logs in. would I send multiple http requests to the database, one for each player -OR- would I group them together and send a single http request and just let the php pull all the data and send it back in a group.

id appreciate any feedback on how to handle this. thanks


Grouping and less calls is always better when it comes to a multiplayer game.

A player can wait 5 seconds before his proper cloth is showing for others and just show a white character or dummy meanwhile. All less important stuff can wait and come in second place.

If you connect to a game and need to get the sprites for the other players that is online. Wait 5 seconds and grab all ids from each player in the room and new players that come in that 5 second window. Then make one http request to get all sprites for all those players. But if your character can change sprite I would make the game server keep a record of the change. So the next state update to the clients get, include that a player changed his cloth. The clients then know when to send a new http request to update the cloths. But only for the players that need to be updated.