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how to get GMS 1.4 license key ?



my pc does not run GMS 2 because it is 32 bits. I downloaded GMS 1.4, and I can not activate the license because it was discontinued. Can you help me ?

Dog Slobber

GMS 1.4 is no longer supported and new licences are not being issued.

BTW, I might be wrong, but I believe 1.4 is only downloadable legitimately by those with an account and who have previously purchased it. So you may want to reconsider using the copy you have if it didn't come from YoYo Games.


Forum Staff
If you're trying to purchase GameMaker: Studio 1.4: You can't.

If you already have a license and can't activate it: No, the community can not help you with licensing issues. Please file a support ticket.