SOLVED how to get a shader to affect all, but one?


Hi! Its been a while since I've been on here. so, hello hello!

I've currently run into a problem that I'm desperate to solve.. I currently have a shader that de-saturates the screen via gui. The problem is I want one object to remain with color. how can I draw that object without it being affected by the shader?

Note: I also tried to use the shader as a "draw event," but that didn't work - it got glitchy and the output gave me this message "Trying to set texture that is also bound as depth buffer - bailing.."

Anyways, if anyone could help that would be amazing :) here's my code from draw GUI event:

if (player_health.hp < 1) {

shader_set_uniform_f(u_desaturate, toChangeValue);

draw_surface(application_surface, 0, 0 );




GUI layer is the top, so you can't do that in gui layer.
Unless, you draw the normal object to the gui.


draw the normal object?
when I draw the object that I want excluded from the shader in the gui it's still becomes desaturated..