How to game teams work together on the same game?



Hey so, there's a local game jam coming up and I'm pretty excited for it. However, I don't really know how me and one or two others are gonna work on a Gamemaker game at the same time? Like, I know someone could be doing art while another does programming, but what about programming at the same time? We can't really have the same project open and both be working on it right?



Look up game maker source control. use/source control/index.html use/source control/using source control.html

But if that's too much hassle, you can always just have two projects each. The "Master" project that you add stuff to together, and the local project you use for testing. Basically just doing what source control would do for you manually :D
I'll probably end up just doing it manually, thanks for the info ^_^


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I might also add that there's a lot of stuff that can go wrong in Git, so before you do stuff under time pressure, you might want to practice a bit so you know what you're doing :p

  • Work in branches and merge stuff to the "master" branch when it's stable
  • Commit to your development branches all the time (e.g. whenever you ctrl-S) so you can isolate changes
  • Be very careful with commands that can destroy your work, like git reset, git rebase, and such.
  • Don't forget you can always check out new branches just to test if something works correctly before you do something irreversible to your actual branches.