How to curve the camera?


Hi guys I want to curve the camera but I don't know how to do it. Can you help me?

What I mean by curving camera is :


in the image the "HOT" text is curved like its in a old tv screen. That's the effect I want to make.


you need a shader for that, or to use 3d with a certain option rised alot, not sure what it was called, somthing with the perspective that makes things seem very far away or close., but if u dont want to deal with 3d u need a shader.


aka fel666
I can think of two ways to do this:
1. Use a pixel shader that samples the image with a distorted pattern (pros: efficient. Cons: requires pixel shader knowledge)

2. Use a distortion mesh to distort the image (pros: also efficient. Works without shaders (html5). No shader knowledge required. Cons: requires more setup. Less flexible, less (but imperceptibly so) accurate)
If you use matrix_build_projection_perspective_fov for your camera, you can make the FOV really high and that gives sort of the same stretched effect. I don't think it curves the perspective though, you might have to use a shader to achieve that.