How to create mmorpg game in GMS2?

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I don't know if GMS2 can make an mmorpg game? If yes, please show me how to do it, I hope you guys can help me


Why should it not work? But it is a lot of work. U need also Servers

Im not sure if I understand u right. But what do u need to know? MMORPGs are very complex and they need a lot of skill. It is a big challenge also for very experienced people.

Your Questions sounds Like "How to build the Empire State Building".

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GMS *can* do it, but chances are you won't make it anyhow.

Even *small* MMORPG's take hundreds of people working for years to make anything half decent. A single developer learning as he goes will probably never finish.

However, you'll need to be very familiar with GameMaker's networking functions, be familiar with networking in general, know a different non-gml language to write the server in, you'll need infrastructure for that server, and on top of that you'll actually need the game.
The sad and brutal truth is GMS itself could... but you can't do it yet, if it's your first project.
These projects are VERY complicated to start from scratch. If you're dead set on this idea, I would maybe check for an engine specifically tailored to make these kind of games to start with.
But even then, you really gotta learn to crawl before you learn to run.


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Sorry, this functionality is not available in pirated versions of GMS 2. Please purchase a valid license and contact the YoYo Games helpdesk with your license details (and a link to this topic) and you will be able to access the MMORPG features (and the GMC).
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