How to change sprite depths for character to move around an object?




I have my player with a mask around his feet (that way his feet check for collisions, allowing his head to poke through). However, since the object has a front and back, I would like for my sprite to go behind without walking down through the planters, and get in front of the planters too. The planters are set at 0 depth, while my character is set at 1 depth. Any help with this is appreciated!

Ungrateful Dead

Assuming the planter is an object and not tiles, what I usually do for this is set the depth to -y at the step or create event for each object in the scene, depending of course on whether the object is actually moving or if its stationary like your planter. That should make it so that when your player is below the y origin of the planter he appears in front and when he's above he'll appear in back.
F1 is your friend :)
depth = -y;

As Ungrateful Dead is saying, make sure to always put size of the sprite as the origin (100 for 100 height sprite etc) or if you are lazy put depth = -y -sprite_height in create event