Legacy GM How to apply Steam leaderboard ?

hijong park

GMscoreboard has shutdown all of sudden and i'm in emergency. all of my games' leaderboards are now broken.

I must fix it ASAP and looked for alternative online leaderboard, and realized that there's a steam leaderboard system. But I can't find any tutorials to apply steam leaderboard SDK in Game maker : Studio.

Can someone help me ? The only informations I can find is the game maker documentation. https://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/steam api/index.html
In order to use the steam api (and all functions it provides, including leaderboards) you have to be a member of steam partner and submitted the game you want to integrate the api. In other words, your game must be in the steam store, either released or upcoming, and for do that basically you have to pay $100 for each game you want to sell/distribute on steam. You cannot use steam leaderboards and any other steam api function if the game itself is not part of the steam store.