How To Add DRM To Final Game?


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Hello GM community, I would love it if somebody could explain the process of adding DRM to the final executable of a game. For example, once downloaded, it can only be used on that device and cannot be used on another device. If it can be done using GM itself, a specific version of GM, or if you need another program, please explain in as much detail as possible.

I would love it greatly if people only communicated facts to me and not personal opinion as to why you disapprove of DRM, or think it's unnecessary. I'm highly aware of all arguments about DRM, as well as the exact level of effectiveness it has, but respectfully, I need to obtain the knowledge of this regardless of if I use it or not.

Thanks in advanced everybody!


There was this page on stack-overflow talking about it.

But the basic ideas are to somehow watermark each individual user, encrypt his watermark. If the same watermark shows up twice under different usernames assume stolen content.

Denuvo is the most effective drm I have seen recently causing just Cause 3 to be "safe" from pirates for months.


This system/index.html

You could use os_version, with a combination of other hardware specifications.
From what I read about the DRM mentioned above is that it worked for about a month, which in the devs minds was good because it took a while and a hacking team said they are going to stop cracking it for about a year because it's difficult.

So I think in a small game what matters is how long until a hacker finds it and creates a crack for it, with big AAA games it's quick, they know about the hype and release date months or years before.
With a small game it's only when you start getting exposure that someone might find it and crack it, so that alone buys you time.

If I take my game as an example, there isn't offline play, but someone could create a private server if they wanted ( i dont know how that's done, but i know it's possible ) which would basically mess up the way I make an income with it. Uhm so in order to prevent that, I'd create checks along the way, to make sure the IP hasn't changed, and I'd use encryption so the string cant just be searched you know, I think DRM is like a war with many battles, what matters is the amount of battles you win against the hackers and the period those battles take. You know you've won when another day goes by, and the hacker probably went to bed due to the complexity of the drm protection your game has. But tomorrow's another day, another battle.

Just create a thousand problems that will stop them, And dont let these rely on each other to work, if you break any key in the chain the whole thing is pointless. Multiple chains are stronger.

In my case I probably wont bother with encrypting data sent over the network, because I dont expect someone to create a private server, It would just mean Id be sending more data which is never a good thing if you want minimal latency and data usage.
What I would consider is that the game isn't steam cracked, now that I think of it I dont know how that works, gonna check it out.
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