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GMS 2.3+ How to add an image to a sprite which contains one image

I have a sprite which has an image. This image is load from a file .png.
After, I would add to this sprite a second image load from an other file .png.
How should I do it ?


you will have to make a new data base
something like:


if ( id <= total_id )
    id += 1;
    sprite_index = id.sprite index;
    image_index = id.image index



Forum Staff
That's the programmatical way to do it (although you should be careful about reserved variable names, as id is one of those)... so I'll cover the IDE way to do it.

If you have a sprite that already has sub images in it, and wish to load more sub images into it from another file, open the sprite's properties and click on the Edit Image button. Then, select the menu bar option Image -> Import Image(s). This will let you import another image into an already existing sprite as a new sub image.