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How much "tax" does GMS take?


I just want to know what percentage of the revenue that I make from a game that I exported to desktop to be sold on an external platform will be taken by GMS?
Simple: How much percentage does GMS take when I sell my game?
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That's why I think they implemented the 'Sub/SaaS' model...but yea, others like Unity/etc (not sure if Construct/Scirra still does it) if you make over a certain amount with a Game/Product made in their IDE, then you have to pay a % or upgrade to a Premium Tier


@NinjaGMC I'd hope Construct doesn't do it still, as they charge a higher subscription fee than GMS charges.

EDIT: No they don't charge any royalty fees for Construct, but they also prevent any form of monetisation unless you pay a subscription. So you aren't allowed to sell or put ads in a game made with the free edition. If Opera GXC allows monetisation, that might be a nice option for free users of GMS, as they can export to GXC with the free edition.