How many PC gamers own a controller?


Just an informal poll, I know a lot of us are building games that are meant to be played with a controller above all else.

As a followup question. How many PC gamers ever play local two player games?


According to Valve:

"The first thing that jumps out in the data is that a lot of Steam players have a controller. Since 2015, over 30 million players have registered at least one controller and over 15 million of those players have registered more than one. Between accounts with multiple controllers and controllers that have been registered to multiple accounts, we find that a total of 60 million device-account pairs have been connected to Steam."

That's a lot of controllers. Valve said most are console gamepads that people have connected to their PCs; 45 percent are Xbox 360 controllers, 20 percent are PlayStation 4 controllers, 19 percent are Xbox One controllers, 7 percent are PlayStation 3 controllers and the remaining 8 percent fall under the "Other" category. That list is dominated by the Steam Controller, gamepads made specifically for PC, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and more.
Sept. 2018,37853.html

So it seems over 15 million players on Steam may play two player games local.


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GMC Elder
Was there any statistics on the has-controller-vs-has-no-controller ratio? Because that's what GM029 asked for (and I'm curious about that as well now). 15 million devices might sound much, but it's just a droplet in the ocean of 800 million Windows 10 installations. Granted, a large number of those probably are office PCs that nobody will ever run a game on, but assuming a mere 25% of those PCs has games on them, that's a 7.5% chance they'll ever get paired wtih a controller. Of course, the number might be slightly lower if my 25% estimate was too optimistic, and slightly higher since Steam isn't the only way to get games, but that's at least a ballpark estimate of controller ratio.