Legacy GM How many max values can a ds_list hold?



Title says it all. Is there a maximum amount of values a ds_list can hold? If it's something low like 15, is there an alternative to list that has a high maximum amount or infinite values. I wont be needing something like quintillions or so something to check which all servers the player has been to.


ds_lists are dynamically allocated. That means you will ask for memory whenever you want to put more values in it. The OS allocates an extra amount of memory inside of the program execution for allocation, and when it's over, the OS breaks the program unless you do some magic to increase that memory or you put memory on disk (SLOW).
As it's about memory size, it's not exactly about number of values to be held, but about total size of variables in game.


So it's dependent on your RAM or device storage or both?(sorry if this sounds dumb)


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Long answer:
The amount of values you can hold in memory depends on your target device's system memory (RAM) and the OS-imposed RAM usage limitations, if any (like the limit of 32-bit applications on Windows).

If you decide to write these values to a storage medium, the amount of values that can be saved depends on your target device's storage memory (disk space), its file system's file size limit, if any (like the 4GB per file limit of the FAT32 file system), and whether you circumvent the file size limit by writing to multiple files.

Short answer: