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 How Long is the Beta?



Just what the title says really. Within these limitations (those set by the Official post near the top of the forum page) it may be difficult for my team to accomplish necessary goals using this software, within time constraints.

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-RCA, Founder Aeternum Games Studio


Friendly Tyrant
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The Beta will be as long as it takes... Sorry I can't give you a definite answer, but nobody can say. However, with the beta release of all the platforms in the last month, that would indicate that the product is nearing the final release stage (my own opinion, and not based on anything YYG have said). I would say though, that it's very stable and there are already a number of important developers using it to create their new projects, so I don't think it being in beta should be too much of an issue, especially as any bugs that people find are being addressed quickly.