Discussion How I installed win 7 on virtual box for gamemaker

jb skaggs

Okay this was more complicated and had fewer guides than I thought.

to install Gamemaker 1.4 (and maybe 2.0) I first had updated my ubuntu to 17.10.

Downloaded and installed latest ver of Oracle VirtualBOX
installed it in Ubuntu.

Ran virtualbox

Created a new VM (Virtual machine)

used the default settings for new machine- I called mine win7

I clicked run.

It asked me to point to a cd image. SO I clicked over to my directory (in mycase downloads) which held my ISO of win 7. I selected and clicked next.

It booted up and installed windows.

Next I downloaed gms 2.0 and gms 1.4

they installed. 2.0 took like 1.5 hours to install and gms 1.4 took 5 minutes.

I discovered I did not give my vm enough mem- so I shutdown windows. went to machine settings and moved my video memory to 128 (the highest it could go in slider before turning red). Went to processors and set it to 4 (again highest on slider and still in green), and did the same for memory setting it to 4gb.

rebooted windows 7 VMand this time I got gamermaker 1.4 to run but not compile games: error: Cannot create direct3d 9.0 model.

ran dxdiag from windows start cmd, and found no 3d avaible on my system.

so I shut down windows, went back to settings on my win7 vm on vrtuabox and clicked enable 2d acceleration and 3d acceleration.

then I went and installed virtualbox guest additions

ctrl alt T to bring up ubuntu terminal
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms

this install the guest additions package to virtualbox

what actually happens here is Virtualbox downloads a cd image (iso) of guest additions which your virtual win 7 machine then mounts. UIt's configuration and installation occurs inside of the win7 virtual machine.

ran virtualbox again. and started my win 7 vm in safemode.

direct3d will not install if not in safe mode.

at the top of the running virtualbox panel there is a area called devices. I clicked this and inserted virtualbox guest additions into my win7 vm. I logged in to wndows7 ran the guest additions installer and then rebooted after installing components i selected enable direct3d support.

Now 1.4 works. Unfortunately I have not discovered why 2.0 will not work. It runs goes to login screen, will not accept key input then closes.

But hopefully this might save you some time.

Garry Joshi

Really useful man! Thank you so much for the guide. I will give it a try as well :)