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Windows How heavy is loading lots of images in your game in GMS2?



I have been using GM since standard 8.1 and one thing I learned there is loading too much images in your game made it take a lot of time to load... I remember making a not-so-long game but the sprites were big sized and I loaded them all at once in the beginning instead of loading via code... In the end the loading screen was taking forever...

I have GMS2 just for a small time, but I see the way the IDE is handled has changed a lot. So my question is:
is it safe now to just include all the images at once instead of loading externally via code now? Or if I start doing so the loading screen is gonna start taking long again?


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GMS2 will only fully load textures when needed, so your primary concern is to not exceed 2GB RAM while the game is running.

For point of reference, Hyper Light Drifter has 480MB worth of textures total, and only loaded additional oversized images (such as lightmaps) externally.

With that in mind, loading/unloading singular images when you are about to need them (on room transition/etc.) generally makes more sense.