Discussion How has covid affected you?

I made a 10 question anonymous survey asking some questions about how you've experienced covid.


I can't see a way to make the results public but I'm more than happy to keep this post updated for a little while with the results as they come in.

Edit: Woah, the images are huge. I'll do smaller ones next time!

So, how has covid affected you?
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Nice! I did the survey.

IDK about you guys, but things here in my country are going from bad to worse. A third of the deaths world wide happens here today and they are climbing like crazy day after day.

Imagine all kinds of shenanigans: a denialist president, no finalcial support for business or people, economy is going down the drain, local state and municipal governors are clashing with no solution (and the president is messing everything up on top of it), people are not wearing masks and are partying (!!!), vaccination are coming up but is veeeery slow.

It's depressing... = (


Here in Oz, lock downs are temporary and employed as needed. Not that one lock down will go for two years, but various states will be locking down on and off for 2 years.


Three of my family members have had COVID. One got off almost asymptomatic (was only tested because she was around the others), one still has no sense of taste, and one is still fighting it. I've been fortunate enough to avoid the disease long enough to get a vaccine, but the vaccine just about killed me instead.
By the way to clarify, are people saying they haven't had a throat swab because they haven't had any swab? I meant to put a swab in general, there's a nasal one too isn't there... What was that like? I've seen videos of people having it and it looks horrific lol


I heard horror stories about the nasal ones early on, but they got better as time went on. By the time I had to have a test a few months ago (purely a formality; I had no symptoms and it came back negative), the nasal swab was just basically a qtip that went an inch or so into my nose. Easiest thing in the world, but I definitely have heard from many sources that it was not that way when the pandemic started.
What do you answer if your country hasn't had a lockdown in the sense the survey seems to be talking about?
True! I forgot that some countries are not locked down. I guess just answer in past tense?
For Q1 (I think lockdown is...) would be: looking back, I think lockdown was:
For Q4 (when do you think lockdown will end?), you could answer when you think the global lockdown will end

but they got better as time went on.
I just saw some horrific videos circulating early on, they were from china though.


Well, all mayors from Brazil are begging for international help for Covid-19. (video is subtitled in English)

Why...? Our president, besides not doing anything helpful, are flerting with a coup d'état for the past months.