How getting started?



Hello. Today I tried to make a simple game for learning the mechanics of this program, but my knowledge about programming are very low. I tried creating for 5 hours, and even looking tutorials or guides I found this extremely hard. This is my first time using the free version of game maker studio and I need help about how to make a very basic game for getting started.


I would work with the drag and drop system before trying to hop into code. Once you feel that you have the logic down, you can start coding. I would look up some beginner tutorials for making simple games. Try not to watch tutorials for advanced topics yet, just work your way up to it.


Programming is hard and it will take time.

That said. Try this watch this and follow it in GMS2 and code it. Also try understand what the code actually do.
Then when you are done try change some minor things like sprites and speed.

Then continue to the next part.

When you are done with all the videos. Try create your own version of it from the beginning.

Don't think: "I want a menu here" or "I want it in MMO". Only use the knowledge you learned.

When you got your own version of it. Search for another tutorial like: "game maker studio beginner" on Youtube. After a while you will notice you get better and better. But keep in mind to always try make your own version of a tutorial. This forces you to understand the code.


The way i learned coding in game maker was by having simple game ideas and then seeing if there is a tutorial for that idea.
Then you just copy whatever the tutorial has, and slowly and carefully try customizing it to something else to see what something does.
Eventually i learned things like x and y positioning and giving those things variables to move them around and stuff like that.
It takes time, but eventually things start to make sense.