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Design How easy is it for you to get motion sick when playing?

Discussion in 'Game Design, Development And Publishing' started by buu342, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. buu342

    buu342 Member

    Nov 26, 2017
    I've been working on a little Arcade game where the main goal is to get as high as possible in a procedural generated tower. So far I've been able to push quite a lot out of Game Maker: Studio's limited 3D functions, and I'm quite happy with what I have. However, my game is plagues by one thing which I'm afraid will limit my game's audience, and that is the fact that the tower is circular, meaning the player is constantly moving in a circular path, and this makes me afraid that the player will get motion sick. Given, my game will be slower paced once I add more obstacles as the player won't just be able to move forward all the time, but it is still worrying and I was wondering how you guys/people you know react to motion in games.

    I can't post an exe for you guys to try it out (5 post limit), so if anyone wants to test pm me.
  2. grixm

    grixm Guest

    I never get motion sick with games on a 2D screen, even if it's 3D. But I get very motion sick in VR
  3. DeScruff

    DeScruff Member

    Jan 9, 2017
    I can't say Ive ever gotten motion sick unless there is something like mouse acceleration or mouse momentum in a first person game.
    I can see what your talking about with that video though.

    A couple of things I might experiment with is increasing the diameter of the tower. That way the spinning might feel less extreme.
    Or having the camera revolving, rather then rotating on a pivot in the center of the circle. - (That shouldn't be too hard, with a little x+dsin(direction and y-dcos(direction) on the camera's x,y cords. )
    - Also maybe adjusting the FOV?
  4. buu342

    buu342 Member

    Nov 26, 2017
    Yeah these are two different things which I have programmed in already in case playtesters get sick, so I don't need to completely rewrite most of the code. Working with sin/cos all the time is fun [​IMG]
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  5. Guest User

    Guest User Guest

    watched your video. i found that while it didnt make me sick per say, it did give me a headache.

    uhhh another suggestion would be allowing an option to cap the game at 30fps or w/e. ime anything that runs at a smooth 60fps+ (modern games, youtube videos, etc.) is nauseating.
    not entirely sure whats the deal with that but ye.
  6. hogwater

    hogwater Member

    Jun 22, 2017
    Increasing the size of the stone bg bricks could help.
  7. icuurd12b42

    icuurd12b42 TMC Founder GMC Elder

    Apr 22, 2016
    Oh god... yeah. 20 seconds and I'm out

    The main problem is the abrupt camera movement combined with the one direction of the level and the sensation of spinning on yourself.

    I recommend you not lock the camera on the player but define a camera rail of sort reducing the camera to strictly following the platform path and not every up and down jump.... or smooth that stuff out... and have the level make you go left and right.

    And I second the idea of increasing the diameter.

    Radial blur, keeping the player focused and the rest less so the further from him you are radially, would also help
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