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Question - IDE How does the gamemaker engine handle loading rooms?


If I have a very large project with a lot of rooms, will that effect the RAM usage? How many rooms does gamemaker load at one time? Does it load all of them at the start of the game or does it load them in sets?

This would be really great info to know, currently I'm debating wether or not to migrate my current game's rooms out into external "included files" to be loaded at runtime when needed.

Would this be beneficial or is gamemaker capable of handling these things on its own? I may do it anyway, but I'd like to know how the engine handles things.

Thanks in advance.


I would have said it only load the active room;
but your question raised a doubt, because I'm not sure how the persistent objects&co are handled if there are in all the rooms.


Friendly Tyrant
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It'll load them one at a time, and then only store finished room data if the room has been flagged as persistent when it is exited, otherwise room data is discarded and recreated next time it's entered.