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iOS How does GMS2 implement local notifications?


Hi, I'm looking into notifications recently, and Android's local notifications + YYG GooglePushNotificationExtension somewhat scared the heart out of me (for the fact we have to glue AlarmManager altogether with NotificationManager to achieve such commonly seen feature; seriously android).

The bright side: It seems to be very very flexible and I gained almost too much knowledge about android development.
While I'm still experimenting and checking on different android API levels I started worrying about the iOS counterpart already. It doesn't seem to have a standalone extension that I can look into nor try to modify.

Could someone anyone explain a bit about how iOS local notifications were implemented in GMS2?
Is it using good old UILocalNotification (that's deprecated in iOS 10), or does it use the newer UserNotifications?
If it uses UserNotifications, does it have backward compatibility i.e. UILocalNotification support for my poor old iOS 9 devices?

Sorry if I asked too much before even trying.


I can't say for sure what exactly iOS uses, but it works on each platform I have tested it on. iPhone, iPads, and everywhere from iOS 10 to iOS 13.2