How do you write a EULA for your game ?

I want to know, how do you write a end user license agreement for your game ( or computer software ) if you never written one before?

I know nothing about this, and any help would be appreciated.



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Find a bunch of EULAs for modern games (everything you own on Steam should come with one) or utility software and read through them, then pick out the best bits and use them in your EULA. Even though nobody will read through the document in the end, you should try to keep them reasonable (e.g., no illegal terms, no nonsensical terms, no draconian terms) since it could invalidate the document (and in terms of illegal/needlessly mean terms, you could get bad press if someone figure out what they mean).

In the off-chance that you have actual information you want your users to understand in the EULA, don't forget that you're allowed to have human-readable translations of the EULA terms at the start (like in the Creative Commons and GPL license texts), but make sure to have a notice that the translation is not the legally binding version so it's harder to find loopholes.