Discussion How do you like your chicken wing? What place has the best wings?

Samuel Venable

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I like Calz's wings personally, specifically boneless, hot buffalo flavor, and if I had to choose between ranch or blue cheese, I'd go with blue cheese, but I like both.

Apparently they aren't a huge franchise, but second place is tied between Buffalo Wild Wings' and Pizza Hut's wings of the same basic preferences.

Doesn't have to be buffalo or spicy. Can be plain, fried, garlic parmesan, etc. Just share what you prefer and where from, whether a local joint, a family business, or a more global-spread restaurant.

Who knows, you might end up sharing a place that only exists near you, that some else might stumble upon it and notice they live near by that place too and bam! Instant recommendation regardless of how widespread.

I've seen several people on here who live close enough to me to get to a Calz, so i totally recommend it - this isn't a common practice but their boneless are the same price as the boned wings, which usually boneless are more expensive, which is weird, because there's less proof they even use wing and drumstick meat, therefore it could be an overpriced chicken-nugget for all you know, but still, I prefer boneless...


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I dont really enjoy spicy foods, my philosophy is "if im going to eat something I dont want it to hurt"
that being said I do enjoy mildly spicy wings drowning in ranch from time to time.
Im really into this garlic butter kind that comes in a bag you can get from the store like walmart
Never really been to a wing place or ordered wings from any fastfood
*shrug* i'll post a pic of the kind im talking about when I come across them again ^w^

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Unfortunately I probably scared everyone away from this thread looking like a creeper saying how I saw several people on the GMC who live near me, and encouraged them to go to Calz where I could potentially creep on them. Doesn't sound suspicious at all. XD


There's a place near my apartment that sells 25-cent chicken wings on Mondays, alongside $2 pints. They're not the greatest chicken wings in the world, but they do their job—even more so after a few of those $2 pints. ;)
I don’t have a favorite place in particular, really. Just hope wherever I get it is good, and I tend to not be too fussy since there’s only so many ways you can really mess it up. Definitely buffalo but barbecue wings aren’t bad either.

Really I’d enjoy buffalo tenders on pizza but unfortunately every place that has that kind of thing also puts blue cheese or ranch right on top and I personally find those gross. Same with mayo on every chicken sandwich I’ve ever got...it’s rare that anyone ever seems to follow through when I ask for any of that to be left off.