How do people put their games in the forum replies?


I see some people have "ads" for their games linked to their forum responses. How do you do this? is it a feature or are people simply just copying it to all their messages?


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Click on your account > Preferences > Signature
Yup! But to elaborate... Click on your name in the top right corner and a window will open with a number of options, one of which is "Preferences" from there you can find the signature options. Note though, that the total maximum height of text and images combined can be no more than 150px and the total maximum width of text and images combined can be no more than 1024px.


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There's another feature that you might be thinking of as well: links to certain media platforms get turned into previews, including Youtube for videos and Itchio for games, if you paste them "raw" (instead of using the link tool to turn text into hyperlinks).



click on your username and select signature.
That will open up a text box that will let you add links and images. You can make a banner for your game and then link it to the game page.