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How do i send people my game!?

So, last time i was on this forum (and GameMaker itself for that matter...) I was using the trial version. Recently, in fact only a couple days ago, a got the $99 permanent license to Game Maker that says it allows me to publish my games to basically any PC system. However, i still can't seem to figure out how to send it to people. I tried going to export the project, and that just made a version of the game that only i could play and use.

Can someone please tell me how to export/publish my game so others can play it? Any help is appreciated.
You have several options:
  • Build -> Create Executable
  • Ctrl+F8
  • This icon:

All do the same thing. I also recommend packaging as a .zip file just to make your game less of a hassle to run and share.


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Most e-mail systems (and probably Discord and other IMs) also block sending executable files, so you might need to upload the game to a place like Dropbox or Gamejolt and then give your friends / family / potential employers a download link to that, rather than sending it directly.