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GML How do I send files into an online database????? (HELP!)

Acid Reflvx

When I began my game, I wanted to put it on Steam, and it would use the Steam workshop. I don't want to use Steam now though and I want to make my own online playing system like how Geometry Dash did. I have a domain I can use as a database. The domain is allowed one page. So all of that comes to: I have no idea how to import or export anything onto anything. I've never done anything network related. How do I use the http_ commands? There are no tutorials out there around this subject

This is what I plan to do. I want to be able to export whole files onto my one-page website, each file with a different ID (I don't know how I could make it generate a new ID, but I want the new ID to be 1 more than the last). Then I can also enter an ID, it would check if the ID existed, and it would import the file with get_save_filename.

I have no idea how to use http_ commands. I have no idea how to use ds_map commands... I have no idea how to use async commands -_-
I'll include the person in the credits who helps me

Thank you
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Read the manual. If you want to upload data from the game, you'll want to do some authentication. You should probably google for that. Anyways, you should import the file using a http function, not get_save_filename. Exporting files needs authentication and verification, otherwise random spammers could upload any data onto your server.


Unfortunately, only a small part of your problem is GameMaker-specific. You can stringify your data and send (and receive) it to your server using http_post_string (), but all the magic that occurs after this request is server-side and needs to be programmed without GameMaker.

By the way: if you store sensitive data about your users, you have to be aware that you are responsible for it. So not only do you need to learn a new programming language or two (if you are new to it), but you also need to learn how you can protect your database from attackers and especially data thieves. That's not impossible, but unfortunately not a task for a single weekend.

This could be a good starting point: https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_mysql_intro.asp

Good luck! :)