GMS 2 How do I make a realtime level editor?



basically I need a level editor active while an Ai character interacts with the level while it's being edited.


I know that I also know how to do the Ai but I need help programming the level editor and saving all the object IDs as variables and what they are and where they are in the room and other variables as a save file.
I've just made an in-game level editor for my current project, and while there is nothing too complicated about it, it's a reasonably large task.

I would suggest you have a go at making it yourself and then for the parts you get stuck with, ask for specific help on that.

Otherwise this request is too general to give a lot of help.

I can tell you I used a ds_map / ds_list solution to save my level to disk using Json.

There are plenty of tutorials on this forum on how to do that.
No problem, everyone is new to them at first.

The tutorials will show you how to use them as well as the manual.

I strongly encourage you to learn them, you will thank yourself later.

They are just a powered up version of arrays, with some nice functions to help manage them.

They are easier to manage than arrays in some respects.