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Question - IDE How do I get into a beta version of GMS2

I am trying to get into creating characters for ROA, and their guide recommended getting a dialect for GMS2, I read into it and found that the only restriction is for minor and education accounts. My account is neither, but in GMS2, the beta tab wont appear in preferences. Is there anything else, like using a demo licence, that would affect beta eligibility.


This page details how to opt-in to the beta channel, and although it doesn't mention a Trial Account specifically, it does say that the beta tab only appears in the IDE if your account is eligible. From that I would assume that a Trial Account is not eligible and you need a paid licence (Creators or Permanent), which makes sense as somebody testing the engine out for 30 days wouldn't need access to the beta channel.
Please Note: If your account is eligible for the beta, but you cannot see the Beta Channel section mentioned below, please File > Log Out and log in again. This will refresh your license and enable the Preferences section to be shown.