How do I fix my tv watching/reading ability?

When I watched anime, a tv show, or a movie. I read the English subtitles on anime shows, and if I can’t remember the last English subtitles being read, I’d rewind back to the old English subtitles I just read on the show. Also, if I’m watching a TV show in English, and because usually the actors/characters talk fast, I can’t understand what they’re saying, so I also rewind back to the words they say in order for me to understand it. This causes me to not finish watching an anime episode or TV show episode in time for longer than the episode length.
Usually, when playing a game. I’d read the same line and paragraph about 3 or more times. Sometimes, I do this when reading an online article. What should I do?


Jack of All Shades
Read more? Maybe if you want to practice, stick to a book where you can read at your own pace, with nothing else distracting you. I recommend Siddhartha for an easy digest.