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Windows How do I enable objects with variables


Greetings! I hope I can find some advice here. I've been at this for a while and so far what I have tried hasn't worked.

The sequence is like this:
Room 1: appears empty, only 1 way to go.
Room2: find an object, click it. The object disappears (assuming going into the character's pocket) Also a return button to go back to room 1
Room 1: now there is an object to click on to travel to another room.

The way I have it set up, I am using a blank room (Room0) to load all the variables and made it persistent. I know this works because the GUI displays the variables correctly across both of the other rooms.

When entering Room 1 the object is hidden
When enetring Room 2 the clickable object is there. Click the object it disappears, the variable goes from 0 to 1
Back to Room 1 the travel object doesn't show up
Back to room 2 the clickable object is still gone (so that works correctly)

What I am doing is using a global variable set at 0. The object in Room 2 is set to become invisible when the variable is anything other than 0. Clicking the object in Room 2 sets it to 1. The object in Room 1 is set to be invisible until the variable changes to 1.

I have this on a draw begin check for variables, draw end; return variable. Left Mouse changes the variable number.

I'm thinking in room 1, maybe it's only drawing the first time the room is entered then not checking when the room is revisited? I just don't know. I tried this similar setup with with the Creation event, but discovered through other tinkering that this definately only gets checked when the room is first created.

The trees I have designed for this project all hinge on the ability to hide and show objects based on other interaction. Maybe this is the wrong way to go?

Thanks in advance!