How do I change the background while the game is playing?


Hi There,

I want to change the backgrounds in my game as time goes by. I was thinking of doing this in the timeline section, although I'm not sure how the steps work. I have a few backgrounds I want to use that show the time of day is changing, however, I'm not sure how to implement this in the game. So if someone could help that would be great!

Here are some of the backgrounds:
night 1.pngnight 2.pngnight 3.png
As you can see, I just want a gradual day change, from the sun rising. I also have a sun sprite, which I'm not sure how to make it move across the sky.

Again, if someone could help me make a timeline or tell me what I need to do to change backgrounds then that would be much appreciated!


I would use a full blue colored background, and then just make a sunset object with that red color, and simply just move it on top of the background.
So you would have:
-1 default blue background
-1 sunset object thats moves up on top of the background depending on the time

you can add y-=1 in the step event of the red sunset object to make it moving up