How did you feel when you got and first launched GameMaker?


I was very confused at first, because I started with it when I was 10. My native language is Polish and I wasn't very good at English. I tried to understand Drag and Drop system (on GM8), and then I made a big mess :D
I put almost every action into Create Event and I didn't know what I just did XD I was about to uninstall GameMaker but... Something told me to try again. I searched for some tutorials and finally I finished my first game. That game looked like "World Hardest Game". I was
proud of myself :cool:
And how your beginnings with GameMaker looked like?


I started with GM 8.1...I was around 30 years old.
I was really bad at computers in high school and college.

I basically knew nothing about programming...but had a lot of game ideas on paper.
The Click the Clown tutorial helped! :D


Confused, scared, angry, and hungry.

I still feel this way, but some things have clicked.