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Windows How can I use gamepad support?

Hi. How can I get my PS2 controllers to work in gamemaker. twin usb. both show up in windows control panel and work. how can i get them to work in my game.

I have gamepad button down on the screen and it doesnt work. does this only support xbox controllers and ps4 controllers?


What Nocturne said, plus you have to rework your control code so that it accepts input from the gamepad, and depending on what your player controls are like could range from easy to impossible, just depends. You'll also need to program in dead zones, I think is what it's called, which is basically a buffer around the joysticks of the controller. Took me a while to realize that as without it the code picks up the slightest of movement and will move your player even when your not using the controller. Let's see, what else... Oh also if you have any gui with buttons and what not it can be difficult to make the gamepad traverse buttons and interface options as it's a totally different way of interaction than the mouse. Best of luck.