How can I set the transparency of a view?

Im making a map with a minimap, but the minimap is a view of the room, but smaller. The player can get behind the view, and this is all good, but now I cant see the player.

Can I make the view transparent so I can see the map, and the player?

If this isnt possible, what should I do to make the minimap work?


Why don't you manually code the minimap as a GUI draw in the normal draw event and position it before the player gets drawn so that way the player gets drawn on top?
xx = camera_x+Gui_coor
yy = camera_y+Gui_coor

Or something to that effect if you want to use a different reference


what part are you stuck on? Also, why are you using another view for the minimap? If its already been created on a surface, why not just draw the surface normally without assigning it to a view_surface? I don't understand why using multiple views is necessary in general tbh