Android How can I set the screen size?

duran can

Since there are many android phone models, the screen sizes can be different. So what is the best room (view..etc) size? If I do 720 × 1440 it will be 1: 2 but if I do 1080 × 2340 it will be 1: 2.16666666667.

For example, if I draw a circle, some screens are not exactly round. Or while all the texts are nice on some screens, they look very bad on some screens. What is the best solution to this?


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Adapt the view size and view port, and therefore the aspect ratio, depending on the target device's specs. The best way to accommodate for multiple resolutions is to let the game adapt to any of them.


Typically your best bet is a 16:9 ratio for your camera and viewport, since most phones displays are at that ratio.
If the display is wider, like 2:1, GM will center it on the display with black bars on the side.
But if you have the application_surface disabled, GM will stretch the camera's view onto the entire display, making your circles look like ellipses.
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