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Question - IDE How can I see the textures loaded in the VRAM?

good morning community, I have a question I am optimizing a great project for mobile devices, I have exported to YYC and I have had good performance on high-end and mid-range and low-end devices I have had problems, so I have optimized as much as possible ...
At the moment I started with the textures, I separated them by category and I am cleaning them when starting a room, but is there a way to check what textures are loaded? ...

I ask the question why when I go to the debug window in Texture / surface I get all the textures from the first room and I do not know if all or only those that are loaded are shown there, because in my game from the first room they appear 63 2048x2048 textures and they are many, I hope you can help me, greetings.


Captura de Pantalla 2020-06-27 a la(s) 11.24.10.png

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