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Question - IDE How can I move a room from one project to another?

I accidentally deleted a room with a lot of content, then reopened the same project thinking it would fix the issue but I guess it auto saves every time I run the game.

I'm hoping to go to an older backed up version of the game and transfer the room from there to the newest version. They're two different projects. How can I do this? There is no simple copy and paste function either by the right click menu or the ctrl + C/V inputs.

I appreciate your help. I'm very stressed out.


You can go to the project you want to have to room copied to, right click onto the rooms tab in the resources and choose "add existing.."
It will then pop up a file dialogue where you can navigate to the backup project, dive into the directory structure to the room you want to import and click the file. This will haul over the room and its contents.

This has a few implications though, so you want to make an extra backup of your current project before doing it, just in case.