How can I make a physics-based drawing game?



In my physics-based-game you should be able to draw a line or any figure you want (per touchscreen or mouse) to block falling boxes. It`s also very important that some sections of the drawn line can be deleted by special projectiles.
But i can`t get it to work :(

- I have tried to use primitives (linestrip) but was not able to attach physics to them (Can`t get physics_fixture to work/adress the created primitives).
- Physics_fixture didn`t work either, because I was not able to draw more then one connected line and was not able to delete special fixture_points.
- And spawning instances with collision detection doesn`t work either because of the huge gaps created when "drawing" the line to fast.

I`m sorry for the bad description of my problem, but I really need your help and would love to hear your suggestions :)


hello, in a physical word i do not know if hitting box is increasing while your increase your obj width/height. Try create an obj_square and try to increase it's width/height and look if colission is working
If not maybe you could create different size of obj you can draw and create the appropriate one based on the drawing thing the player did.
square_10 , square_20, square_30 and so on ...