How can I get sounds for things like cars and sirens?

Hello, I'm working on a top down GTA 1/2 type game where you can steal cars and get into police chases and the like, but right now I'm using engine and siren sound effects from the GTA V game files.

I'd rather use/find my own sounds, but every royalty free siren sound on the internet sounds like garbage or is too simple to sound like a real police siren. Also where should I get car engine sounds? I can just record the sound of a car idling, but there will be background noise outside/ echo if I decide to do it in my garage.

I can use an 8-bit sound generator, that would fit well with the low pixel density sprite art style of the game, but I don't know how to make a car sound.

I also want to release a demo in the Work in Progress forum but I'm just stealing sounds from GTA V which looks lazy, and could cause trouble if I decide to sell or release the game for free(?).


For an 8-bit sound generator, SFXR works really well. Just keep pressing the random button until you find something a similar to what you want, then adjust it to get it just right.


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If you've got a microphone, you could always record yourself trying to sound like the thing you want (e.g. say "WEE-OOH WEE-OOH"), then downsample to an 8-bit-friendly sample rate so it sounds less like human speech. It's a bit tricky to get right, though.