GML How can I choose between audio output device in-game?


Hello there,

I've been searching for quite a while right now and I seem to not find anything related to this.

Is it possible to set a different audio output device for the game while playing it?

E.G. I use my default monitor output device, but now in-game I'd like to change it to my headphones, but I can't right now :(

I Appreciate all the help!

Liam Jacobs

By default, it is completely impossible (as far as I know).

It seems like this would be an appropriate case for a DLL.

It's possible to switch audio output devices via the use of a batch file (and an external ~100kb program). So if it's just for personal use, I'd say that you could use that in combination with @Samuel Venable's Execute Shell DLL (or another "Execute" DLL of your choosing, but I do personally recommend this one).
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I would have thought that the audio output device decision was made on the OS level. I have a gaming headset...when I hook it up, windows automatically outputs sound to it instead of the speakers, and when I disconnect it, sounds go back out the speakers again. None of the games I play let me choose a device to output sound to. Now, sound INPUT is another story, but output is generally something that should be done by the OS itself.