Alpha Hostile Dead


Type: .zip
Size: 2.07MB
Current Version: 0.1 (Updated: Not Yet)
Included files: 2x .txt files
Download: (Direct)
Genre: Turn-based zombie survival game with exploration.

Right now you can use the inventory and try out the gameplay mechanics like moving around.
This is where any feedback is highly appreciated! Each update will be much larger and slower compared to my previous projects which had very small updates but at a faster pace.

An update log is featured within the .zip file if you want to check it out once more updates occur. I will also update this thread here, so that you can avoid having to download it to figure out if a new version is out.

Guest User

the 'objects: 436' on my screen doesn't mean active instances, does it? if so, what are these 436 instances in a game with one inventory, 4-6 items, and a player? :eek::eek::eek:


Those objects are currently every tree and grass object. all 16x16.

They're temporary as they will get switched out with something more performance friendly.. Be happy that I removed all the other 19.200 objects that had step events :p