Horse racing collisions and following a path

Hi all - not looking for anyone to code this or anything I'm just curious if someone could point me to something that could show me this. I've searched and searched and searched and I have found a lot on collisions but I can't seem to find one that matches what I'm trying to do.

I am just learning and am using this simple game as a teaching example. I am not making the horses run in a circle race track - too advanced. Just a straight away. But I want them to move to the inside if it's clear. I have them doing that BUT at the moment they either push the other horse and keep pushing like they don't know he's there or they pass through it. I want it so that the horse will notice another horse inside of him and not try to crash into him.

I hope I made sense here.. again not looking for a code but the collision tutorials on this site and youtube just aren't explaining it to me :/.

Thanks in advance all :)


Instead of using collision events, if that's what you're doing, use collision functions like place_meeting() or instance_place() to check if there is a horse at the position your jockey wants to move to. Then only move if there is no horse at that position. You will probably want to make your collision masks a lot smaller than the full horse. Personally, I would make the collision mask a rectangle that covers the horse's hooves. This will allow the horses to overlap visually without screwing up collisions.