HTML5 Horrace Goes Skiing Remake


This is the next game in my marathon to make 50 games in 50 days.
Today's effort is a remake of Horrace Goes Skiing, originally released back in 1982 on the ZX Spectrum 48K by Sinclair Reasearch LTD.

Here are some screenshots of the remake:

In this game you need to guide horrace over a busy road to collect his skis. He then has to cross back to get the mountain.
Once at the mountain he has to ski down a course through flags (more points for being in the middle). He has to avoid all over the trees and be careful over the snow balls.
This was a fun game to make. I would have liked to have spent more time on the graphics, but at a rate of a game a day for 50 days I can't be too picky.
EASTER EGG: Press M on the road stage to make the mountains magically appear.

Link For EXE:
Link For HTML5: Until I get around setting up the views correctly, if it appears too large for your browser or screen, try holding CTRL and rotate the middle mouse button, to change zoom on your browser, or use CTRL plus + or -.
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