GML Hook physics like Spiderman?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by duran can, Jan 13, 2020 at 1:54 PM.

  1. duran can

    duran can Member

    Sep 1, 2019
    Hi everyone, how can i make hook physics like a spiderman game on 2d?
    i tryed this
    if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left){
     var a= instance_create_depth(mouse_x,mouse_y,1,obj_point);
    thanks for all replies.
  2. DukeSoft

    DukeSoft Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    The easiest would be to make a rope (multiple joints), just a single one could work too, but thats going to be weird on ledges (its going to fly through). Best result would be to make several smaller segments (with small rectangular blocks, or circles), and connect those as a string. There's bound to be a lot of examples for that. Best names to search for would be "game maker studio 2 rope physics" or similar.
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