Beta HoloTactics- a Strategy Hololive Fangame


Hello there!
This is my first time posting a game, and it's far from complete, so, uh, please be patient.

HoloTactics - Beta 1.0
Available for WINDOWS only
Created with GameMaker Studio 2

HoloTactics is a Strategy fangame, with RPG and Auto-Chess elements, inspired by Hololive Vtuber group characters. It's totally free and will always be free.
Currently, there is only one game mode available- Survival. Fight against endless enemy waves that grow stronger, and defend your Nexus the longest you can!

Buy Idols to defend your base. The Idols in the store are randomized, so, use wisely the characters available to play your strategies!


The Idols which you buy plays an important role in your strategy. Every Idol has an unique skill, and also, two or three traits that you can use to create synergies.
With syneriges, you can grow your Idols status, or even gain new abilities!

You can upgrade your idols by buying them over and over. Once they reach a certain number of purchases, they will upgrade to the next tier and earn new stats.
You can also upgrade your level with gold, earning more space to put Idols in field, and growing your rates to see more powerful and rare idols in the store!


Available right now:
  • Endless survival mode;
  • Randomized map with 4 kind of different terrains;
  • 13 enemies;
  • 23 playable characters with unique skills;
  • 15 synergies possible.

Stuff planned for the next big updates (Not listed in release/priority):
  • More gamemodes, such as battle against the I.A. and scenarios;
  • More dynamic gameplay and maps, with random events that can give players new strategies, such as Blood Moon, Thunderstorms, Vulcans, etc;
  • More characters with unique skills and new synergies;
  • Itemization!
  • New unique enemies and bosses;
  • UI improvements to make the game easier, and also, new menus to give more info about characters in field, possible synergies and which characters are necessary, enemies in field and their stats and skills, etc;
  • Animation improvements and interactive tutorial;
  • Domination objectives in field that rewards you if done.
Future updates and other info you'll find in my twitter.

Free assets credits:
Hololive talents are a property of Cover Corporation. I do not own neither represent Cover, Hololive or any talent presented in this game.

You can find the download, both in .zip and .exe, here in my

Any bugs you find, or suggestions, please tell me!
Thanks for your attention!​