Released Hockey Charged (iOS & Android) - Mobile Air Hockey!



Hello GMC! I've been developing games using the Game Maker engine for almost 7 years now.
While not many games I've developed have seen the light, I continued on to make something I felt was worth the time and effort.
And with that, I present my first ever mobile game called Hockey Charged. The total development time was about 4-5 months, mainly due to me filling every role for the game's development. (e.g. artwork, music and sound design)
Please download and rate! Thanks!

App Description:
Hockey Charged is a futuristic themed air hockey game that includes a new way of competing against your opponent!
With the charge feature, you are able to paralyze your opponent with an electric shock from your shots!
Compete with a friend or play against a computer across 6 different hockey tables!

Key Features:
+ 3 Game Modes (including a tournament mode)
+ Eye-popping effects and realistic physics
+ A computer opponent with 4 difficulty settings
+ 6 hockey table themes
+ 8 different power-ups that impact the outcome of the game
+ Changable colors for your hockey paddles and puck
+ 1-on-1 Multiplayer on the same device or separate devices over WiFi
+ Language options: English, Spanish, French, and Italian

Game Modes:
- Charged Mode: Play against your opponent with discharge attacks and power-ups that appear randomly
- Classic Mode: Play a classic-styled game without any special gimmicks
- Custom Mode: Take full control the game settings
- Tourney Mode: Allows up to 8 players to go head-to-head tournament style

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All feedback is welcome and appreciated!