iOS HiveFall starring Austing Flowers for iOS & Android - one button, all fun!


Hi GMers,

After many months of toil, I've finally made and released a game for iOS and Android - HiveFall starring Austing Flowers!

Dr Weevil and his NECTAR goons are raiding the Queen Bee's garden - and only Austing Flowers, International Bee Of Mystery, has the mojo to stop them!

Fly from flower to flower and grab the juicy globules of nectar before the goons do. Once collected, return the nectar to the hive - the more you drop off each visit, the more points you score! But don't dawdle: if the day ends before you complete the Queen's orders, you lose!

+ No two games the same - Each level is randomly generated!
+ Unlockable bonus game modes - Can you handle the Turbo and Hyper game modes?
+ Tackle multiple enemy types - Beware Dr Weevil's henchbugs, especially the lethal Hunter!
+ Turn tables on the enemies - Catch the elusive Super Nectar to bash the baddies!

Good luck, Austing - we're all counting on you!

Check out the video here -

FREE download for iOS -
FREE download for Android -

Hope you enjoy it!
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