Hiring Sprite Designers Yes or No?



Greetings, so im pretty decent at GameMaker Studio on the programming front but when it comes to drawing im pretty much worse than a sack of potatoes.

Im just thinking about if it would be worth hiring a sprite designer or if it would be a waste.

Any advice?


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You could start off by checking for resource kits first, there's a lot of stuff floating around that's free to use (check out my 112-tileset collection, for instance - pay once and you can use them in any number of games and stuff as long as you don't resell them) and it's often cheaper compared to hiring an artist to do custom graphics (especially when you come across stuff that's actually free - just make sure to check their license don't have a non-commercial clause). Even if you can't find everything you need, it could give you a nice head start and cut down on the number of things you need to hire an artist for.