Job Offer - Programmer [HIRING] Fix Node.JS + GML Networking Bug [$100]


Via Skype, let's look through my Node.JS server and GameMaker client to figure out why the server is crashing when two or more players are in the game world at the same time on separate computers. Works fine when two clients on one computer for some reason. (windows)

- Milestones: I will pay once bug is fixed, and I learn what was the cause.

If you refer someone I hire, I'll pay you $25!
Looks like a port blocking bug to me. I have experience in networking (I have built a 3d multiplayer fps that runs upwards of 60 fps with 6 people on it), and am willing to work for you, although my mentor company, BlueBurn, would be more experienced, and helped me implement the multiplayer into the fps for only $200, which was a very complex and advanced task, as GMS doesn't normally handle multiplayer or 3d well.